We took advantage of a coffee break to ask a few questions to Justine, Kemix’s regulatory affairs officer since February 2018.Through her answers, discover her cheerful personality and her daily life punctuated by close collaborations with our customers.

picture justine regulatory affairs officier

When did you arrive at Kemix? What training(s) did you follow?

I joined the Ydeo Group in September 2016 on a one year work-study program. At the end of my training, I was hired under a permanent contract. I joined the Kemix team in February 2018, as the regulatory demand in the e-liquidity sector was becoming increasingly strong.

Concerning my training, after a baccalaureate, I did a DUT in Biological Engineering then a Bachelor followed by a Master in Cosmetic Products Engineering.

What is your daily life as a regulatory affairs officer?

As a regulatory affairs officer, I make sure that products comply with the various regulations in force before being put on the market.

On a daily basis, my missions are varied: creating formulas in our ERP system, writing Safety Data Sheets, checking the conformity of labels, declaring products to poison control centers and writing marketing notifications… All this for our clients with whom we work in close partnership! I am in regular contact with them and I am always available to answer their questions.

A large part of my work also consists of global regulatory monitoring throughout the year. This part is essential because it allows me to be aware of regulatory developments in different countries around the world. This ensures that our customers always have products that are up to date in terms of regulations, because as soon as a change is noticed, we warn our customers and put in place the necessary actions to update the products as quickly as possible.

Last but not least, I also work closely with Antoine (purchasing department) on raw materials, in case of substitution or regulatory changes for example.

What are the essential qualities to do your job?

In my opinion, the essential qualities are: rigor, organization and patience(laughs)!

What do you like most about your job?

Without a doubt, looking for solutions to unblock situations. In this way, I help my colleagues and/or clients depending on the basic problem.

There’s also the fun side of discovering our clients’ new liquids in “sneak previews”. Being myself vaporous for a few years now, this is a part that I particularly appreciate.

Can you describe Kemix in 3 words ?

Kemix in three words ? I would say: dynamic, involved and young!

Kemix is a relatively young team, always ready to respond as well as possible (and as quickly as possible) to the requests of its customers and which knows how to be reactive in any situation!

What are your hobbies when you’re not in the office?

Sleeping (laughs) !!!!!! No more seriously, I play volleyball in Vitré. After having played volleyball at a good level as a teenager, I took up this sport again as a way to relax, to let off steam and get rid of the stress that I can accumulate during certain weeks. Another passion, like many girls… I love shopping!