Do you wish to have your eliquids certified to stand out from the competition and be recognised for the quality of your eliquids? In this case, the AFNOR certification will surely interest you and our teams can help you in this process thanks to their expertise in the sector.

To help you take the step, our regulatory team has prepared a short summary of the AFNOR standard :

What is the AFNOR standard?

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It is a voluntary standard that lays down the essential characteristics to manufacture a reliable and high-quality e-liquid. The AFNOR certification, a guarantee of quality, safety and better information for vapers, is the first eliquids certification to have been issued in the world. 

It aims to reassure users, promote the right products and support the development of vaping in France. For e-liquid manufacturers, it is a privileged way to meet European and French quality and security requirements.

What are the advantages of this certification?

  • Reassure vapers about the safety and quality of your e-liquids. 
  • Distinguish your brand in a very competitive market.
  • Guarantee the truthfulness of the announced composition of the products and ensure better information on the market.
  • To meet more strictly the requirements of European regulations (TPD).

What steps in the process of launching an e-liquid on the market does the AFNOR standard cover?

This voluntary standard covers the entire process of launching an e-liquid on the market (design, manufacturing, bottling, quality control, packaging, labelling, marketing declaration) to guarantee optimal security and traceability of your products at all stages of the production chain.

What are the technical characteristics certified by AFNOR?

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  • Compliance with the NF XP D90-300-2:2015 standard, in relation to the essential health and safety requirements concerning physical, chemical and toxicological risks.
  • Truthfulness of the announced composition of an e-liquid
  • Non-use of synthetic nicotine
  • Absence of colouring agent as ingredients
  • Minimum Durability Date (MDD) of the e-liquid not exceeding 18 months after the date of manufacture
  • Use of pre-MDD raw materials in the production of e-liquid
  • Bottle or cartridge volume
  • Identification of Country of manufacture and country of packaging
  • Telephone and electronic helpdesk for individuals and professionals

What are the guarantees of an e-liquid certified by AFNOR?

  • Carefully selected and controlled raw materials: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and nicotine meeting the requirements of the European or American pharmacopoeia with high purity indices. In some cases purified water and/or purified food grade ethanol may be used.
  • A food grade flavouring blend that may contain permitted food additives.
  • A list of ingredients excluded from manufacturing such as substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic and substances classified with specific toxicity for the respiratory tract, synthetic nicotine, vegetable or mineral oils, sugars and sweeteners, substances intended for use in food supplements, pharmacologically active molecule substances, formaldehyde releasers, diacetyl and heavy metals.
  • Packaging that complies with regulations for optimum safety (childproof cap NF EN ISO 8317, tamper-evident ring, materials used, reducer).
  • Clear and complete labelling with additional information (alcohol content, presence of food allergens, identification of the person responsible for placing the product on the market, website address, use of e-liquid, etc.).
  • Rigorous controls to validate nicotine levels and ensure compliance with maximum levels for limited substances.

Are you interested in this certification for your e-liquids brand? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on a possible partnership.